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Step back in time and experience The Beatles Get back as never before with Peter Jackson’s visually stunning and emotionally stirring documentary. Meticulously restored from 60 hours of rare footage, this three-disc collection offers an unparalleled look into the creation of the “Let It Be” album. From the tensions and triumphs to the final rooftop concert, witness the legendary band’s final days in vivid detail. Perfect for music historians, Beatles fans, and documentary lovers alike, this set promises over 7 hours of immersive content. Made in the USA, it’s a must-have for any collector looking to experience a pivotal moment in music history.

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Experience The Beatles Like Never Before with Peter Jackson’s Documentary

Dive deep into the heart of The Beatles’ creative genius with Peter Jackson’s groundbreaking documentary, meticulously crafted from 60 hours of previously unseen footage shot during the making of the 1970 “Let It Be” album. This compelling documentary offers an unprecedented glimpse into the final chapters of The Beatles’ journey, showcasing three weeks of intense writing sessions, rehearsals, and the unforgettable Apple Corps rooftop concert in January 1969. Witness the complex dynamics, creative clashes, and enduring camaraderie of John, Paul, George, and Ringo in a narrative that has never been explored with such depth and clarity.

Key Features:

  • Language: Immerse yourself in the documentary’s rich storytelling and authentic dialogues, all presented in crystal-clear English.
  • Exceptional Viewing Experience: Enjoy over 7 hours and 45 minutes of captivating content spread across three discs, ensuring a comprehensive exploration of The Beatles’ legacy. The widescreen format ensures every detail is beautifully captured, accompanied by an English soundtrack that brings the era to life.
  • State-of-the-Art Restoration: Leveraging the latest in restoration technology, Peter Jackson breathes new life into historical footage, presenting it in stunning quality never seen before.
  • Package Details: The collection is thoughtfully packaged in a sleek case measuring 19 x 13.69 x 1.4 cm and weighing just 109 grams, making it a perfect addition to any film or music enthusiast’s library.
  • Product Code: 3SS-DVD130 – This unique model number signifies the authenticity and quality of your purchase.
  • Made in the USA: Proudly produced in the United States, this documentary set is a testament to high-quality production and dedication to preserving musical history.
  • Three Discs of Pure History: Each disc is packed with footage that offers insight into The Beatles’ songwriting process, personal interactions, and the iconic rooftop performance that marked the end of an era.


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